1. Evolution is over.
  2. Progress is real.
  3. There is a plan.
  4. There is a spiritual world.
  5. Fascism can't happen here.
  6. The rest of the world is just more of Minnetonka.
  7. The present is the best possible arrangement.
  8. Money is real.
  9. Mind and body are separate.
  10. Eventually people will travel in space.


Also failed
  1. Learning to play the piano
  2. Learning to dance
  3. Being married to Paula
  4. Getting my book published
  5. Getting a job as a teacher
  6. Getting promoted in the computer world
  7. Satisfying the needs of Amy Maceda, director of customer services at St. Jude Medical (See item 6)
  8. Earning my father's respect
  9. Being a good student in school
  10. Establishing a meaningful conversation with a conservative