Popularity of Congress
Approval Ratings

3506 Sunrise Drive West
Minnetonka, MN, 55345 February 16, 2012

Congressman Erik Paulsen
126 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515

Dear Representative Paulsen:

Please review this chart of various approval ratings.

I hope the question that rises in your mind is, “My God, man. What are we doing wrong?” And by “we” I hope you mean the conservatives because you have been in charge for the time period that this set of approval ratings describe. Please note that the poll indicates that more people approve of a communist takeover of our country than continuing to allow the US Congress to guide the nation. Your approval rating is about one third of Richard Nixon’s when most of us knew that he was a paranoid, felonious liar who should be thrown out of office. That’s a problem for all of us, not just you.

Here are my recommendations: Be less rigid. Address real problems like income disparity, poverty, and global warming. Start legislating for the country rather than setting up for the next election. Listen to the wisdom of the opposition, which in this case is 91% of America. Do something different or go home, please.

Thank you.


Chris Sullivan

3506 Sunrise Drive West
Minnetonka, MN 55345

December 3, 2004

Bishop Marcus Matthews
Eastern Pennsylvania Conference of the United Methodist Church
P. O. Box 820
Valley Forge, PA

Dear Sir:

Thank you very much for kicking Pastor Stroud out of your church.  I hope the other thousands of dykes in the Methodist Church get the message.

For my part, I ignore Jesus when he calls all people to come onto him.  The parts of the Bible where Jesus tells the homos to hit the road were probably cut out of the Bible by East Coast, intellectual, elitist Jews with a homosexual agenda.  I know that he was so little concerned about who a person loves that he never mentions homosexuality.  But that doesn't mean anything.  We know what he meant.  And it's about time that someone had the courage to put "Thou shalt not have gross sex" back into the Ten Commandments.  To keep the number at ten, we can take out the one about killing other people, because, just between you and me, we know that some people need killing.

My church is thinking about going back to persecuting the Jews.  They have a smaller political base and their big noses make them easier to identify.  Besides, they smell funny and eat weird food.  And they did kill Jesus after all.


Chris Sullivan, member
St. Luke Presbyterian Church