Governor Arne Carlson said once that the problem with the media is that they think that people who say that two plus two equals five should be reported in the same way that people who say that two plus two equals four should be reported.  Which is why I thought once that the media has been representing Trump and Hillary as both worth your consideration for election.  Members of the media measure the truthfulness of their stories by comparing the numbers of minutes or inches devoted to each “side”, as if there were two sides to the reality of climate change, two sides to the morality of resisting terrorism by killing the families of people identified as terrorists as Trump has recommended, or two sides to the reasonability of two plus two equals four.  News stories over and over refer to Hillary as “flawed”, whatever that means, and almost as if it is the equivalent of the Trump’s racism, sexism, and plain old lunacy not just asserted by “biased” media but demonstrated many times over by Trump himself before live cameras.  After decades of vicious and minute scrutiny by hostile people, the very worst about Hillary that even Fox News can come up with is that she used a private email server when she was the Secretary of State, something other secretaries of state, including Colin Powell, did.  And yet the media behaves as if that is as bad as the bribery, fraud, business incompetence, sexual harassment, serial marital unfaithfulness, and unscrupulousness and selfish exploitation of the misery of millions during the crash of 2008.  No, I’ve decided that the media misreports this election because they believe that the best way for them to sell their wares is if the rest of us believe that the 2016 election is a horserace, something either candidate can or should win.  Unfortunately for those of us who live in the real world, a Trump win would be disastrous for both people and the future of democracy.