The contribution that St. Luke members made to ICA through our Change for Change program wasn’t much compared to the need, but the need is great, even in comfy Minnetonka.  But, – sorry about the cliché – every little bit helps.  Pennies, nickels, and dimes we put into the red pouch, coins we did fine without, were as real on the other end as they were on our end, the difference being that the person on the other end, a single mother and her infant in this case, did fine only because she received our coins and, of course, coins from many other sources.  Few of us would consider our lives fine if we had to live with her financial restrictions, but fine meant for her that she had diapers, enough food, just barely, and she wasn’t forced to move out of her apartment into her car.  She, I’ll call her Annie, lives the life millions of sober, working, tax-paying, law-abiding citizens in our country live.  Her employer doesn’t offer maternity leave though they were willing to hold her job open for her.  The father was laid off his job and had no money to help Annie with.  She planned ahead and saved as much money as she could, anticipating her and her baby’s needs, but she arrived at a choice few of us at St. Luke have ever had to make: does she buy food or pay rent?  Our coins, routed to Annie through ICA, paid part of her rent allowing her to spend her saved money on food.  ICA makes this assistance triage decision every day, solving solvable problems, patching a gap beyond which Annie is able to support herself.  ICA could help Annie because we and others like us put our coins in the red pouch.  She’s back at work and she and her baby are getting by.  St. Luke changes lives.