At my home work station I have two computers. One of them has a big pricey monitor attached to it. I justified buying it by remembering that I spend many hours every week working on photos. When I am writing or working on websites, though, I use my smaller monitor. While I am doing that, I tap into a Netflix series called Aerial America. It is nothing but videos captured by a helicopter camera crew flying over beautiful places in America. The Denali cliffs. The Golden Gate Bridge. Etc. I switch off the sound. So, as I work on one computer, I have open beside me a big window that looks like I am flying slowly over the country. Young people think this is normal, but I am astonished over and over by the power of communication in the modern world. I am grateful for living in the time I am.
Emergency rooms are legally and morally obliged to provide care for people who are too poor to pay for it. The rest of us pick up the bill eventually. There's a name for that: socialized medicine. And it inserts a layer of profit takers between the hospitals and the rest of us: insurance companies. With the individual mandate, the Affordable Care Act proposes to move the responsibility for the... cost of medical back onto the person who receives the care. This approach was promoted by conservatives until Obama adopted it himself. Finally the conservatives have come up with an alternative to ACA. It includes allowing hospitals to put the sick and injured back out onto the sidewalk if they happen to be unemployed, old, young, or otherwise undeserving. It's the old "Let 'em die" approach. What's the problem? That's how free markets are supposed to work. I apologize for the grumpy post, but shoveling snow on April 4 has that effect on me.