I am reminded of a story told by a evolution scientist named Grant.  He and his wife did a ten year study on the Galápagos Islands.  Their work was one of the most thorough documentations of the process of evolution.  They actually made predictions of how the animals and plants would respond to the changes in the weather and then documented the change.  He found himself on a long plane ride and the subject of what he did became the topic of conversation with the man sitting next to him.  When Grant described in detail how the beaks of finches over several generations expanded in response to drier conditions, the other man was fascinated.  However, when Grant finished his description with a statement something like, "It is one of the firmest proofs of the process of evolution so far," the other man froze up and in a flash reverted to his evangelical (i.e. conservative) mindset and rejected everything Grant had just told him.  The point is that many people are more influenced by standard templates or models over detailed facts.  The man was impressed until he ran into a flag that had summed up his feelings/fears/idea/whatever - evolution - and to him, like the man Trump wants to be the Attorney General, evolution comes to us "straight from the pit of Hell."  His brain stopped working.
I am amused to see that Obamacare has suddenly become popular.  And angered that people whose mentality is so unmoored from facts that they can change their opinion in a moment.  I have even read that many people make up their minds about who they will vote for in the voting booth.  They don't know who they want until the final moment.  Of course the irony here in my rant about rigid and fact-indifferent thinking is that I can predict with virtual certainty whether I will vote for the progressive or the conservative in 2036.
I have always thought that Obama knew that the smart way to manage health care finances was the way the rest of the modern world does it and he knew that he couldn't prevail on the troglodytes to drag the USA into the twentieth century from the nineteenth century.  So he built ACA, knowing that the only way to destroy ACA was to do what Obama intended to do in the beginning.  They can call the correct system Trumpcare if that's what they need to do.  It will have many of the same features as ACA but the man in the next seat on the airplane won't care or won't see that it is Obamacare completed because it will be flying the correct flag.
It is a little like something I did at St. Olaf in the days when we were attempting to reorient US policy in Vietnam from war to peace.  On a bathroom wall I drew a peace sign.  The next day, the janitor scrubbed it out.  I redrew it.  He scrubbed it out again.  We went on like that for a couple weeks.  The janitor quit when he realized that he had scrubbed through the top layer of paint, exposing the next layer of lighter paint beneath it.  He had himself etched a peace symbol on the bathroom wall.  I was young and easily amused in those days.