Here's another news story that is clearly incomplete: The headline in the Thursday Star Tribune was "Man shot in the face while stuck in a ditch." The article says, "A man told sheriff's deputies that his vehicle was in a ditch when he heard yelling and what he believed to be gunfire from a shotgun, then realized that he had been shot in the face. The victim declined medical treatment at the scene. Two people in vehicle with him were not harmed." The deputies identified the shooter and arrested him. Wait, what? I have so many questions. How did the victim get in the ditch? Was he actually in his car when he was shot? Who called the sheriff's deputies? Did the deputies do anything other than offer medical assistance? Who was yelling? Who were the other people in the car? How do you not know that you have been shot in the face? Was there a relationship between being in the ditch and being shot in the face? The article says that the deputies surrounded the shooter's house. How many deputies are needed to surround a house? How did the deputies learn so quickly who the shooter was? I will be watching the papers for more information. Jeminy Crickets. I feel like I spend most of my life having no clue how or why stuff happens.