I have read some articles today about how people all over the world are scoffing at America for electing a clown. If that is democracy, some say, then we don't want it. They are wrong. Trump is an evil sack of shit, but he was elected according to the rules. It is true that the legitimacy of a government derives from the credibility of the consent of the governed. Repulsive as Trump is, foolish and demented as his supporters are, and as problematic as our process is, the path to the presidency is defined and accepted well enough to go forward with. We are not Turkey. We are not Saudi Arabia. We are not Pakistan, Afghanistan, or Brazil. And certainly not Russia, Iran, or North Korea. I opposed the elevation of Donald Trump to the seat once occupied by good and great people like John Kennedy, George Washington, and Abraham Lincoln, but I expect to go about my business tomorrow without fear of violence. I am sorry to say that my black brothers and sisters can't say the same with the same level of confidence. But Churchill was right when he said that democracy is the worst form of government except for all of the others. So people who think that this election demonstrates that democracy is a sham can stuff it.