Kent State
Kent State Massacre

     Jeffrey Miller would have been about sixty-two years old in 2013 had he survived May 4, 1970.  He was one of four students slain at Kent State University by the National Guard on that day.  Eleven days later two more students, black ones this time, were killed by the police, oddly enough on Lynch Street, on the campus of Jackson State.  I know someone who was present when this picture was taken by John Philo.  He told me that another student was offended that Philo was taking pictures so he stepped between the photographer and the body and presented an ugly gesture to ruin the picture.  The only effect that had was to delay the moment when the picture was taken long enough for the girl, her name was Annie and she had run away from home, to give her own more famous gesture.  Six more deaths caused by that stupid and evil war on the other side of the world.

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