Nelson Rockefeller

      My respect for Rockefeller soared after I saw this picture.  If you are rich, Republican, or conservative, you have a lot of explaining to do, but Rockefeller demonstrated a lot of humanity when he flipped off a heckler.  McGovern did the same once, but his mother had taught him to use his words to flip someone off.  When a heckler was disrupting an appearance, McGovern pulled him close and whispered in his ear, "Kiss my ass."  Some people need to be told to fuck off.  Many people degrade interaction to the point that flipping them off is the best response.  But here is a man, deeply trained in etiquette and very experienced managing his emotions in public, who had just had it with some asshole.  Dukakis, Kerry, and Mondale all would have been elected president, had they just once, raised the middle finger and said, "Tea Party/George W. Bush/Rush Limbaugh/whatever: this one's for you and here's one for the horse you rode in on."  Oh, for the days before there were so many focus groups, consultants, and lawyers.