NincompoopThis image has, as they say on the Internet, gone viral.  That means that since it pleases so many and offends many others, it has been viewed on the web millions of times.  This moment occurred not long after the Supreme Court decided that gay people are people.  Of course, the nincompoops with nothing better to do, went outside, positioned themselves near people they thought they insult, and put themselves at risk of having a brain aneurysm.  (Expressing fury increases the probability of a brain aneurysm.)  Because I am the way I am, I wonder what kind of world you have to live in to feel like you are being constructive of anything by screaming at a smiling little girl.  I also wonder what it would feel like to discover that the picture of you screaming at a smiling little girl has been viewed millions of times.  As usual, I forget that people like this aren't very selfconscious and are so certain of their rightness that other perspectives simply don't exist.  He thinks people disagree with him out of evilness.  For conservatives, having most of the world scoff at them offers proof of the rightness of their values and behavior.  Poor nincompoop.

Burning WTC     The whole experience of 9/11 was so intense and surreal that I am unable to place events in order.  Here's what my memory says.  Peggy at the bus stop told me while we waited for the bus to pick up our kids that something had happened in New York.  I went into my house and turned on the TV.  Only the north tower was burning.  Adele called me from work and said that a commercial airliner had struck the building.  I said that was impossible.  No pilot is that incompetent.  Then I watched the jet strike the south tower.  I called Leroy.  Carla answered the phone.  Without even a hello, I told her to turn on her TV.  She did.  After a moment of silence I heard a string of cursing I couldn't believe was emerging from the mouth of a woman.  I knew nothing about Al Qaeda or bin Laden but I knew they were responsible for this horror.  I don't know where I got that information.  All afternoon I watched the TV coverage.  I was transfixed by the images.  I remember being stunned by the disappearance of flight 175 into the south tower.  It appeared to have flown through a wall of Kleenex tissue.  Then there was an awful second of nothing.  Then the great ball of fire.  Fifteen years later, this image is the one I remember.