Today is a special day in my history.  I proposed to Adele Lennig on this day and it was one of the smartest and best actions I have ever taken in my life.  Not until I was thirty-two years old did it occur to me that I could be happy.  I thought that life was a mess, that relationships were 49% pain and labor and 51% pleasure.  And that was an average.  Count on most days being obnoxious.  When I was thirty-two I discovered that I could contribute to my own happiness, that I could make choices that lead to improvement in my life, and that I did have something to bring to an adult relationship.  During 1983, I changed jobs, sold the first house I owned, got divorced, and contracted a major disease.  But not until 1984 did I start getting the positive changes in my life.  On January 13, a Friday, I met Adele.  As the year proceeded I established myself in a new, more satisfying and more lucrative career.  I bought a different and nicer house.  On May 28 of that year I proposed marriage to Adele and while she accepted my request, she expressed a desire to receive a more memorable proposal.  That I delivered on May 28, 1992, at the Royal Shakespeare Theater in Stratford, England.  Today I am happy.  Life is good.