Bucket ListIn Good As It Gets, the scene containing the line "Over a dog" persuaded me that Jack Nicholson was a good actor.  Before then I avoided his movies because I couldn't stand watching someone always simmering on the edge of violence.  Even today, I can't reconcile that he is a good actor and that he always seems to be playing the same role.  He's always Jack.  Given a choice between a movie with Jack and one without Jack, I'll watch the one without Jack.

All that being said, I love the movie Bucket List, even though Jack is totally Jack again.  Rude. Arrogant.  Self-absorbed. I still love the movie and it's not because it redeems humanity a little bit to see another case of an asshole being an asshole because down deep he's not an asshole. I liked the movie because I never get enough of people caring about each other and learning from one another.  Love, especially with the sexual component stripped out, is sweet. Family.  Friends.  Love.  Loyalty.  Courage.  There's just not much else going on in the cosmos worth my attention.

See it.

Four stars out of five.

Boy Meets GirlI really enjoyed this movie and I enjoyed it for the same reason I enjoy most movies and books: I like the characters and I care what happens to them.  This movie is about three people: a man born a male, his childhood friend born a male and changing to become a female, and a woman, born a female and staying that way, meeting the transsexual person.  The plot has a classic structure: a static and not satisfactory situation disrupted by an outside force resulting in a new situation.  For me, every movie, book, or story must be a description of a transformation, usually accomplished by courage, love, and humility.  You get that in Boy Meets Girl

See it.

Four stars out of five.