osage coverOh, my God.  August: Osage County is one of the most painful movies I have ever seen.  The brightest moment is when one daughter flees this train wreck of a family.  The other two daughters also flee, but they seem to carry the plague away with them.  The women in this family are wood chippers for anybody who dares to get anywhere near them.  I didn't know that one human could be this cruel to another without actually using a weapon.  The picture of the cover on the left makes Streep and Roberts beautiful, way different than either appears in the movie.  Maybe you have seen the movie Predator.  The movie is a good one, but watching it will be one of the most unpleasant experiences of your month.  I kept hoping that somewhere there would be a softening, a redemption, some kind of exit from the bleeding.  There is one woman, one not related to the family, who is a good person and who does act to protect the youngest female of the family.  She stays and maybe her persistence is enough redemption to save the experience of this movie.  Maybe.  It's a good movie, but oh my God.

I see a lot more movies than I write about here, so putting up a recommendation for this movie is more than casual internet chatter.  Refuge is a small movie, which is not to say that it is bad.  No country For Old Men, a movie I never tire of trashing, was a big movie and it was one of the worst movies ever made.  I came out of that one wishing to god I hadn't seen it and nauseated at finding myself in human form.  Not Refuge.  I was delighted with that movie and watching the people in the movie discover and learn and transform is deeply pleasing to me and reassures me about the possibilities within us.  Refuge is about four people, three siblings who have been abandoned by their parents, and a guy most people would call a loser.  Each has needs and hopes.  All suffer lens between themselves and the world that warps their perceptions of themselves.  The movie is about courage, love, and loyalty, my favorite movie themes.  See it.