I just finished reading a book I found very well written and very informative: Storm World by Chris Mooney.  I have read other books written by Mooney and recommend them to everybody.  Storm World may be a little out of date, written as it was in 2007, but I am generally about ten years behind the rest of the world so it suited me fine.  The book is about the interface between climate change and the analysis of hurricanes.  He does a good job of describing the people and the issues.  Many people, especially conservatives, interpret the struggle within the hurricane analysis community to be an indication that global warming is a hoax, as that nincompoop senator from Oklahoma says.  As with most ideas maintained by nincompoops and senators from Oklahoma, they are wrong.  There is a great deal of agreement among meteorologists about how global warming is making more and more intense hurricanes probable.  However credible scientists no long have any doubt that our global climate is changing and that the change is caused by humans.  It certainly isn't a natural cycle we are seeing.  Oddly enough the book persuaded me that there are people out there who have reservations about the whole concept of human induced climate change who aren't nincompoops or senators from Oklahoma, though the book further confirmed my certainty that the climate is changing and that the change is being brought about by human consumption of fossil fuels and red meat.  Read it.