The old Bamber Valley School About 50 children in two rooms
Bamber Valley Elementary School Why do schools have to look like schools?
Central Junior High School The worst school in the history of education
Mayo Senior High A circular school: I graduate in 1969
St. Olaf College Fewer women and less inebriation than average
University of Minnesota Mammoth, indifferent to students
University of St. Thomas Fulfillment of a plan: a teacher's certificate
Control Data Institute Retread for a new career: good choice
Minnetonka Art Center First education in photography

Essential roles are those that should I fail in any one of them, I would feel like I was failing as a human being.

  1. Husband
  2. Father
  3. Son
  4. Brother
  5. Friend
  6. Writer
  7. Peace Activist
  8. Scholar
  9. Citizen
  10. Sojourner
  11. Epicurean