1. I am a polio survivor.  Lucky dog.
2. I can't eat beets.  They make me gag.
3. I can't play the piano.  Tried for eleven years.  No luck.
4. I can't dance either.  Or sing, for that matter.
5. I have voted Republican once, 'cause the Sierra Club said it was okay.  Sorry.
6. I never thought I would be an enthusiastic church member, but I am.
7. I climbed a water tower when I was about eleven.  A rite of passage.
8. I lived on my bike when I was little.  Only safe place.
9. Irish wolfhounds were the pet in my childhood home.  They're big.
10. I love to eat red meat, but I don't.  Enough dies needlessly without my help.
11. Once purple and green were my favorite colors.  Now it's blue.
12. I grew up in a castle.  Really.
13. I dodged the alcoholism gene.  Lucky dog.
14. I started attending plays at the Guthrie in 1968.  Way important for me.
15. I have one biological child of my own and two adopted ones.  They raised me.
16. An arsonist hollowed out my home once.  What a jerk.  He's still in jail.
17. I remember Lincoln Logs and Tinkertoys.  And Erector Sets.
18. I owned an Adam computer once.  Remember Coleco?
19. I shook J.K. Galbraith's hand once.  My brush with greatness.
20. I smoked a cigarette once.  Made me barf.  It's hard to be cool barfing.
21. I kept a dime store turtle alive for seventeen years.  Named him Merl.
22. I prefer Halloween to Christmas.  It's not so commercial.
23. The Exorcist scared the living bejesus out of me.  Still does.
24. I've written two novels, but no one is interested.  They must be tedious.
25. I've stood at the center of Paris.  France, that is.
26. Best hippie credentials?  I saw the Dead at the Guthrie.
27. I buy weird, useless ceramic junk at the Goodwill.  Especially blue stuff.
28. I don't wear boxer shorts.  I micromanage.  What can I say?
29. I'm post-theistic.  Whatever that means.
30. I was called a destroyer of societies once.  Wow.  High expectations.
31. I frequently say stupid stuff.  Explains why I keep my mouth shut.
32. I wax mystical at the sight of yellow maple leaves on the ground.  Really.
33. I could live on pecan pie and vanilla ice cream.  But not for long.
34. I was fondled by a nurse once.  Only once, though, damn it.
35. Most impressive sight?  Coastal redwoods.  Other than Adele, of course.
36. I never get tired of Battlestar Galactica.  It's so real to me now.  Weird.
37. I want to see every Shakespeare play on stage.  I'm at about twenty-eight now.
38. I love the smell of freshly cut grass.  The kind cut with a lawn mower.
39. I have nice fountain pens, but I don't use them much.  Too much hassle.
40. My favorite dog is a miniature Aussie named MyLo.  He doesn't work though.
41. I read grammar books for fun.  I'm less tedious than I seem at first look.
42. My first camera was an Exacta.  It's was good camera.  For its time anyway.
43. I wear cotton clothes pretty much exclusively.  Doesn't itch.
44. I have never seen a ghost, but I have heard credible stories.  Not many though.
45. I have seen one thing in the night sky I can't account for.  Everything else, yes.
46. High school kids amuse me.  Their humor is so brash and outrageous.
47. I studied Heidegger in college, believe it or not.  Why?
48. I have had one adult relationship.  Lots of childish ones, but only one adult one.
49. I watch very little TV after the football season ends.  Why bother?
50. I have about ten extra pounds on me I can't get rid of.  I love to eat too much.
51. I am a writer.  Not published though.  Yet.
52. I am a peace activist.  No peace yet.  Not for the world anyway.
53. I'm Christian.  I'm not saved or born again though.  And what's this god thing?
54. I am a scholar.  No one learns from me.  Info goes only one way with me.
55. I exercise.  I eat right.  Still over weight though.
56. I'm on a buckthorn jihad.  Millions of them grow all around me anyway.
57. I take antidepression meds.  I'm blue most of the time anyway.
58. I'm almost done with the day-to-day work of fatherhood.  Can I nap yet?
59. I hate pairing and putting away laundered socks.  So I own lots of socks.
60. My sixtieth birthday is a rougher passage than I expected.  How did I get here?
61. Stones.  Beatles.  Beach Boys.  Mamas and the Papas.  Elvis.  Johnny Horton.
62. I have no plans to live in the state of Mississippi.  Ever.
63. I'm a space nerd.  Saturn Vs.  Mars rovers.  LMs.  That sort of thing.
64. I wouldn't do much differently if I had a chance to do things over.  That's cool.
65. I haven't been to Athens yet.  I will though.  You watch.
66. If I could live to two hundred years old, I'd be an architect next.  Or a counselor.
67. I love smoked oysters on crackers.  Kinda fattening though.  Good stuff is.
68. I like news that's about a month old.  Time filters out most mindless junk.
69. I have five brothers and no sisters.  I don't see them much though.
70. I love well engineered stuff.  Like my Nikon 700.
71. I watched the moon landing live.  What excites young people today?
72. I had a ride to Woodstock, but skipped it.  Silly me.
73. I collect book marks.  They're small and don't suck up space.
74. I'm artistic, but don't know how very well.  Yet.
75. I have tinnitus.  Whistles, rumbling, that sort of thing.  I know no silence.
76. I tip at 20%.  I'd rather tip than be tipped.
77. I've kept a daily journal since 1966.  That's the year my father died.
78. My favorite leisure activity.  Walking in the surf without shoes.
79. I look down when I walk.  I like to pick up pretty rocks.
80. Strip clubs appeal to me.  Haven't been to one in thirty years though.
81. I can do about thirty string figures.  Jacob's ladder.  That sort of thing.
82. I've got a million beads, but don't do anything with them.  Not any more.
83. I'm a dog person.  Cats seem full of themselves.
84. Shirt size: M.  Pants: 34-29.  Hat size: 7 1/8.  Shoes: 8 1/2 m.
85. I have little interest in the Civil War.  Little interest in Vietnam either.
86. Best known known relative: James Longstreet.  The Civil War general.
87. I like to poke around in junk stores.  Ceramic blue stuff.  Small stuff.
88. As a child, I always asked for lobster for my birthday dinner.  Peas and potatoes.
89. I insist on telling the truth.  Another reason I don't talk much.
90. One of my favorite places on the planet?  Presbyterian Clear Water Forest.
91. My most painful recent experience: a tooth extraction.  The dentist was a sadist.
92. I haven't played chess since I learned to play bridge.  Too uncivilized.
93. One of my oldest friends has spent most of his adult life in jail.  Really.
94. I'm not done at the Louvre yet.  Not by a long shot.
95. Favorite ice cream flavor?  Vanilla.  With maple syrup.  Too much maple syrup.
96. The book that has most influenced me?  The Structure of Scientific Revolutions.
97. I usually come out of left field in conversations.  Another reason I don't talk.
98. One thing I eat not many others like?  Kimchee.  Not many Americans anyway.
99. I'm not retired.  I may look like it, but I'm not.
100. One of my great heroes: Niels Bohr.  Who?