1951 I am born.
1966 I survive the illness and brutality of my father.  So sad.
1968 First girl friend
1969 I graduate from high school.
1970 Much protesting of the war against Vietnam
1972 I meet my second to last wife.  I marry her.
1973 I graduate from St. Olaf College.
1975 I witness the birth of my son.
1976 I enter the work force as a teacher.
1982 I finally grow up.
1982 I divorce.  I change careers. I sell my house.  I get a serious illness.
1984 I meet and marry my last wife.  I enjoy being alive for the first time.
1984 I join a church.
1988 I adopt Rosie from Korea.
1994 I join St. Luke Presbyterian, which becomes my primary community.
1994 An arsonist guts our house, which I think is unrelated to joining St. Luke Presbyterian.
1998 I adopt Phoenix from China.
2000 I leave corporate America.
2002 I write a book for middle school children.
2004 I write a book for middle school children worth reading.
2008 I give up on publishing a book and build this web site.


1964 Fuller Brush Man Door to door
1965 Diamond-B Ranch Painting fences to the horizon
1968 Kentucky Fried Chicken Most dangerous job
1973 Bridgeman's Ice Cream Short order cook
1973-1976 Steven's Court $4.00/hour
1976-1982 Mpls Public Schools I love kids. Always have.
1982-1984 Q.E.D., Inc $16,000: first serious money
1984-1988 Comserv/MSA Corporate version of the Titanic
1988-1992 Security Life One of my most enjoyable jobs
1992-1998 St. Jude Medical First time feeling successful
1998-2000 EDS at St. Jude Medical Heads down production
Since 2000 At home Raising kids, shopping, laundry, cleaning